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Smart organization, unique layout choices, light decor with color and fun in a 55...

The compact one bedroom apartment projects a lot of interesting features such as light and dark surfaces making contrast. The yellow color accent...

Modern in feel and urban Japanese in décor – small 43 sqm studio apartment

This small studio apartment measuring just under 43sqm, is a challenge to any designer. Modern in feel and urban Japanese in décor, it segments different living spaces in one smart central unit.

Unique way to approach storage in a 34 sqm apartment

Brera Apartment is a private home located in Milan, Italy, designed by PLANAIR® in 2015.

Tiny space – 129 sq ft – transformed into mini-apartment with space-saving ideas like...

Architect Julie Nabucet had already garnered attention for her design of a 16 sqm apartment (with then-partner Marc Baillargeon), but in this project she was tasked with something even more challenging...

Positive atmosphere, spring colors in a nicely decorated small apartment – 23 square meters

The small apartment (in a five-storey house built in 1972) is only 23 square meters. The designer decorated this tiny home for a young lady...




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